Chapter 1 Period 2

Pages 1-10

In the beginning of the book Lily tell us about her day-to-day life; what it's like living with T Ray, her father, and Rosaleen, her maid/house keeper. We get a bit of an unclear description of how her mother died, more than likely a subject that will clear up as the story develops.
There seems to be a lack of communication between Lily and her father, for one, she doesn't feel very comfortable calling him "dad." We also find that Lily is very self-conscious and hates the way she is forced to dress. Lily feels that Rosaleen is almost like her mother and the only person who loves her unconditionally.
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Pages 10-20

In this section of chapter one we find out alot of background information. Lily lives with T. Ray (her father), and Rosaleen comes during the days. Lily's mother died when she was only four years old. Through bits and peices of paragraphs we find out how Lily's mother passed away. One afternoon her mother was cleaning out her closet, T. Ray walked into the room. Lily's father did not realize she was standing in closet. T. Ray and Lily's mom began fighting, until he realized that Lily was standing and watching them argue. He yelled for her to leave the room that they were in. The mother in attempt to protect her daughter, grabbed for a gun on the shelf, but lost grip and it fell to the floor. Lily in confusion picked up the gun, pulled the trigger and accidentally killed her own mother. Ever since Lily's mothers death T. Ray had become angry and unapproachable. With Lily feeling so alone, lost and unloved she found her own "secret place", past a aisle of trees in the middle of her fathers orchard. She came out here when she needed to get away from all the troubles of her life. She had a tin box burried with her "pot", it was full of anything of her mothers she could find. Lily had a tough time growing up, she had no one she could rely on except for Rosaleen. Rosaleen previously was on of T. Rays "peach dickers" until he asked her to come daily to the house to cook, clean, and watch over Lily. She had taken on the mother role in Lily's life. On July 2nd 1964 Rosaleen was watching the t.v., president Johnson announced that the Civil Rights Act had been signed. This meant African Americans could now vote. Rosaleen decided she wanted to go into town the following day to register, and Lily asked to go along. Considering it was her birthday she wanted to get out.
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Pages 20-30

Lily remembers one of her birthdays, when she desired to own a bracelet that seemingly everyone in her school had. She asked her father for one but was never given one. Later, she sneaks out of the house, not being spotted by T-Ray, to the peach orchard to the area where her mother buried her belongings. Lily digs it up and falls asleep with her mother's two white gloves and a photograph, only to be woken up from T-Ray's angry footsteps. Once T-Ray finds her, he yells at her, asking why is she out there and decides to punish her by having her kneel down on "gritz". Later Rosaleen says that she was leaving for town. Lily begs to leave with her as her birthday is coming and she just wants to get out of the house. Rosaleen then states that she only wanted to get out was to register herself to vote. Later they leave only to stop by Rosaleen's church because of Lily's knee problems. At town Rosaleen got into trouble with the people of the city and was arrested for "Assult, theft, and disturbing the peace."
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Chapter 1 period 6/7

Pages 1-8

In the beginning of the book, it talks about the summer of 1964. Lily was lying down on her bed, waiting for the bees that live in her wall to come out and fly around. They also talk about how Lily played apart in her mother's death when she was four years old. When her mother died, her father which she called T-Ray, took a slave to replaces Lily's mom. Her name is Rosaleen, and she took the place as Lily's "step in mom". On page eight it ends and talks about how Lily was not really popular at school. - Steven Benedetto

Pages 9 -17

In the beginning Lily talks about her school and how she worries to much about what she looks like. She says she doesn't have a mother, aunt or grandmother, to look up to for female guidance. She constantly looks at pictures of her mom and tells us that her name was Deborah. She wishes boys would look at her or maybe talk to her. She likes to look at the tv when it is off so she can look at herself in th reflection. T-ray is annoyed that Lily keeps interrupting because of the bees in her room so Lily is determined to prove to him. T-ray is a very tough dad and Lily is growing up with him. She sits at his peach stand all day waiting for someone to come by. T-ray does not want Lily reading because he does not want her thinking she can go off to college and be smart. She loved school and was a very smart girl. Towards the end on page 17 she starts to tell the story of what she remembers from the say her mother died. She remembered hearing an explosion, and sometimes she thinks it was her fault her mother died.
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Pages 18-25

While Lily was cleaning her closet Lily says to T. Gay I remember. Lily went back into the past telling T. Gay that she remembered T. Gay and the mother arguing. She remembered the gun she picked up and just heard a loud explosion.Lily returns home from the peach stand to see Rosaleen fixing the antenna to see the show on TV. While watching the TV President Johnson announces the signing of the Civil Rights Act and makes Rosaleen happy. At the dinner table Lilly tells T. Ray about her upcoming birthday and that she wants a charm bracelet but, instead of listening to Lilly he just keeps on eating. Later on that night, she waits until it was late enough to head out to dig up the tin box full of her mothers stuff. While looking at her mothers thing she fell asleep near next to the tree. T. Ray wakes her up. He thinks she was out there with a boy. For punishment, he forces her to kneel on dried grits until her knees bleed.
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Pages 26-33

After T-Ray conforms that she won't get her bracelet by saying, "As long as you live under my roof, you'll do what I say!", Lily think that maybe she should find another roof. Later that afternoon, Lily finds that Rosaleen would be going to town the next day and so Lily begs for her to take her with her. Then Rosaleen says that she's going to vote and that T-Ray doesn't know about it. The next morning was Lily's birthday and Rosaleen came with a cake with 14 candles. Since Sylvan was so far away, they stopped to rest in a church and Lily thought about Rosaleen's religion in which she worshiped nature and ancestry. When they entered Sylvan, they encountered three men that didn't like that Rosaleen was there. They grabbed and thrashed her side to side and Rosaleen ended up on the ground. The police came and arrested Rosaleen for assault, theft, and disturbing the peace. Lily also went with her.
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